PhD Students

Samira Reihanian (2016-present)

Samira got MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran, in 2014. Her research interests include image processing, system identification, face processing, cognitive modeling and pattern recognition. Now, she is working at Nazarbayev University as a PhD student in the area of neuromorphic fusiform facial processing model for face detection and recognition.

Aidana Irmanova (2016-present)

Aidana received the B.S. degree in 2014 and M.S. degree in 2016 both from S.Toraigyrov PSU in Information Systems, Kazakhstan. From 2016 enrolled as a PhD student in Science, Engineering and Technology Program at Nazarbayev University. Research interest is in computational models of language acquisition in humans.

Kamilya Smagulova (2015 - present)

Kamilya has a MSc in Nanotechnology from University College London. Her research interests are on neuro-memristive and learning systems. Currently, she is working towards her PhD in the area of ADC converters for Vision processing circuits.

Sholpan Kauanova (2015 - present)

Sholpan received MS Histology and Cell Biology at Kazakh National University at 2009. Since 2011 she has been working in Nazarbayev University. At 2015 she was enrolled to School of Engineering Biomedical Engineering PhD program. Her thesis is in field of Image Processing for optical microscopy. Current occupation as research associate in projects studying cell motility and cytoskeleton for cancer therapy.

Damira Pernebayeva (2015 - present)

Damira received MS from Heriot-Watt University. Her experience and background has been in Energy systems. Here research interests include optimisation, imaging and power engineering. She is working towards her PhD in the area of electrical fault lines.